Declutter Your Home & Donate Un-Used Makeup to Glamour Project

Is there a drawer in your bathroom filled with makeup and toiletries just taking up space? The blush that's not your skin tone, the eyeshadow that should have looked good with the new dress, the bight red lipstick that no one would wear. It all screams what was I thinking? And then there are those little samples given as a gift for buying all the aforementioned stuff. And lets not forget the little travel size shampoo, conditioner and hand cream from hotels that you thought you could use. Throwing it all away seems to be the right solution to declutter one drawer, but then you feel guilty because it feels like throwing money down the toilet. So it stays there until the next frenzy to organize hits you.

Soothe your conscious with generosity. Take time to donate un-used makeup to Glamour Project. Makeup can be recycled properly to meet health standards. And the donation of makeup frees budget allotments for other much needed items that insure the success of Glamour Project. Part of that success is the ability to provide gift bags, to all the participants, filled with make-up items and toiletries at the end of the glamour session. Nothing goes to waste and giving the ability to provide these items is everything.

Send your items to: Glamour Project

12401 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 306

or write for more information:

Written by Barbara Robbins

Evelyn Shapero