A woman who has forgotten how to smile can remember again

Glamour Project founded by Kara Fox and Evvy Shapero, is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged women through kindness, compassion and photography! Their studio…. homeless shelters throughout the Los Angeles area; their subjects….women who have suffered great loss. Marilyn Feldman, milliner and social worker, recently joined them and has expanded the project to San Diego and Boston.

Glamour Project is where hidden beauty blossoms before the lens of the camera. We arrive at homeless shelters and treatment centers with a team of dedicated volunteers, make-up, and props in hand for an afternoon of what best can be described as the girlish pastime of “dressing up.”  Each woman is given a make-up application, a fashion styling, and her “glamour shot” as a gift... a heartfelt reminder that she is acknowledged and cared for despite her current circumstance. The radiance captured in each photograph is unmistakeable.  The seeds of change have been planted so that these women can begin to reclaim their confidence, beauty and sense of hope.   

If home is where the heart is, as the saying goes, how devastating it can be to lose your home.  However, it is important to remember that being homeless is a circumstance not an identity.  We believe that through a more glamorous identity comes the beginning of a new belief in oneself and in life’s possibilities!