Glamour Sessions are a great confidence booster encouraging self love! 

Celebrate your unique beauty and style with a portrait photography session. Whether a self-esteem boost or great fun, we are here to celebrate you!!

We start with a before photo, then it’s off to make-up and styling where you are pampered and prepared for your photo shoot!  You don’t have to do a thing. Our photographers and stylists will guide you throughout the entire experience. After your session we will view your images and print the one that most compliments you. 

Taking the time to celebrate and capture your individual beauty can be a powerful booster to encourage self-love.

Our sessions combine contemporary and fashionable portrait photography, flattering poses, and styles in a comfortable, fun environment. You are the center of our attention and the experience brings out the best in you.

You can be creative, wild, adventurous or just Hollywood glamorous !