6 Things to Know About The Glamour Project Yard Sale

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Yard sales are fun. You can always find that little doo dad you never knew you needed, let alone wanted. During a yard sale my husband and I hosted we had a sculpture of birds (vultures no less) entirely made of clam shells.  Why we had it in the first place is beyond me. None-the-less, we had a bidding war over it, making me rethink the decision to sell it in the first place. The winner, I'm sure, has a great story to tell her company, (who are probably questioning her sanity) while gazing at that monstrosity. And my husband , who adamantly campaigned not to have the sale, got so carried away he almost sold the dog, in spite of three crying kids looking on. You may not come away from The Glamour Project Yard Sale with with any funny anecdotes, but this sale will have charms of it own. 

  1. When: Saturday, July, 27.

    You can come by any time during the day from 9 am. To 3 pm. Show up any time. Who knows you may find your own clam shell sculpture.

  2. Where: Marina del Rey.  

    On the corner of Catamaran and Speedway. Easy access to parking. Venice Pier South Side just got a little more fun. Take a stroll down the boardwalk and end up with us.

  3. Who: Glamour Project

    Evvy, Kara, Jan and the Glamour Project volunteer squad will be manning the sale. They can help you find anything fun, interesting and maybe even useful.

  4. What: The Glamour Project has been collecting items for a few months.

    Browse through designer clothes and accessories, household items, or books. Be creative and find something to repurpose for yourself.

  5. Why: All funds raised during this event will go directly to Glamour Project.

    It will be used to purchase makeup, toiletries, photography equipment, and photo shoot props. So much is needed and your participation in this fundraiser is very much appreciated.

  6. How: Besides purchasing items, this is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the Glamour Project.

    It’s goals and mission and sign up to volunteer your own talents, time and energy. 

    To make a donation of any items to donate please email Jan at info@glamourproject.org with Glamour Project. See you there!

    Written by Barbara Robbins

Evelyn Shapero