Connecting with Glamour Project on Social Media

I'm not a big social media person. It’s above my pay grade and below my age demographic. I try though, sometimes to the amusement of my children and in spite of my befuddlement when learning new computer skills. I need to live in the 21st century somewhat more gracefully. Figuring out social media and allowing it to enhance my life should be important to me. After all, Jennifer Aniston just joined Instagram, why not me?

There are over a thousand social media sites around the world. (yeah, I was surprised too) with an estimated 348 billion users. There are dating sites, business networking sites, music sites, specific interest and hobby sites covering just about anything you might be looking for. The most used sites in the United States are, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Youtube and TiK Tok is moving up the ranks pretty quickly. Not surprisingly, social media has become the new best friend and darling of nonprofit organizations. In fact non profits use social media more than other group. Its pretty easy to understand why.

First and foremost its free. Even if an organization decides to hire a company to manage and coordinate their sites, it does not require large sums to fund and participate in the social media realm. Non profits can now fund marketing, publicity, soliciting supporters, managing fundraising and community outreach for little or no money, leaving much more to spend on their essential purpose.

Most people use social media to establish and maintain personal relationships. Charities are afforded an opportunity to establish relationships with its supporters in a more intimate way than the usual mailings or phone calls. In addition, their exposure to more potential supporters is greater.

A stakeholder, by its very definition, has a greater interest and personal investment in causes that are related to themselves. Social media allows them easy access to participate in the organization that is most important to them.

Videos offer an exceptional way for a charity to educate, engage, and demonstrate its mission to the public. Videos attract new supporters in a passive yet very personal and continuous manner. Surveys can be used to collect information about donors, program satisfaction, volunteerism and skills to use for future efforts in marketing and fundraising. Some social media sites have services specifically oriented to charitable organizations that offer exposure and mutually beneficial ways to raise funds. How does all this information affect you and how can it help The Glamour Project?

Glamour Project has steadily built support since its inception in 2009. Their use of social media is stepping up and your participation will help tremendously. It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time. First like their Facebook page. Be on the lookout for updated Glamour Project social media posts. Don't be shy to share our Facebook Page and website with your friend’s list. Encourage them to learn about the Glamour Project and share with their friends and family. Glamour Project is about sharing time and goodwill to help those in need. Sharing on social media continues this basic tenet of what The Glamour Project is all about. If I can do it so can you. Let's all share the good stuff. Maybe we can get Jennifer Aniston on our list.

Written by: Barbara Robbins

Evelyn Shapero